I was looking at a website last week and was surprised to see that my state has made some recent changes to the laws that allow me to look at a variety of energy providers to get my utility service from. I didn’t expect this in a million years, and I was really pleased about it. I still am, if you want to know the truth. It gives me better purchasing power. I need to know that I have choices, but never did before. It is fantastic to have that kind of power in my hands. I feel that way about many things that I buy.

The place where I live isn’t really a small town, but it certainly isn’t large either. It is growing. They say in many media articles that I live in one of the fastest growing small towns in the entire state. People love moving here because of the small town feel, even though we are a medium-sized town. But what people don’t understand is that because we are not very large, you don’t always have a lot of choices as to where you handle your business. People sometimes do not understand that until they move here and are surprised to learn it.

One thing that I have to do is to leave my town to find a really good car dealership to buy from. We only have one dealership where I am at. But I don’t particularly like the brand of car that they sell, so I need to go elsehwere to find what I need. This is okay except for the fact that you then need to deal with taxes if you purchase from another county. It is just easy to have more options where you are, I think. I will remember that when I decide to move one day.

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