My fiancée Jinju and I have been engaged for six months and we could be any happier. Yesterday, she received a message from her parents on Skype. They were so excited to hear about the engagement and want to see their future son-in-law. I was nervous to hear of their arrival. They are coming next week. I must prepare for them. I want to make a good impression on them. I want them to see me as the perfect man for their daughter. I will need to hire Bristol chauffeurs. If my plan works perfectly, Jinju and I will be together forever.

Jinju is from the country of South Korea. Her parents always wanted her to marry a doctor or a lawyer. They are very strict. Korean culture puts a heavy emphasis on education and success. I am a not a doctor, but I am successful. I am a successful film producer. I have produced many multi-million dollar projects. Despite my success, I still feel that her parents will not think I am good enough for Jinju. I will make a good impression.

My plan is to have a professional driver pick them up form the airport. The driver will take them around Hollywood. They will see some tourist locations and have a day on the town. Finally, the driver will take them back to my home. I will have my home neat and decorated for their arrival. I will have a Korean chef prepare their favorite meals. I will show them my lavish house. This will solidify my success in the world.

It is crazy that I am doing this, but I really love Jinju. I want to marry her some day. I would do anything for her love. If her parents like me as a potential son-in-law, I will be very pleased and grateful.

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