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34 gorgeous hand painted illustrations by international Award winning artist Lucia Masciullo. Translated and professionally narrated in 7 languages. A truly enchanting and humorous take on the traditional tale of the Little Red Riding Hood.

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Web reviews

★★★★★ A very clever twist to this infamous tale adds fun, humour and quirkyness to the Red Riding Hood tale -

★★★★★ Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is a wonderful universal storybook app... I hope these developers continue to create more stories such as this one. I recommend this to story lovers of all ages -

★★★★★ I absolutely adored this new storybook app. It’s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood but it has a truly original take on the story and I loved it! -

★★★★★ This digital book is adorable, with a humorous take on a familiar story that is nicely narrated with music and beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended. -


Customer reviews

★★★★★ - A contemporary take on "The little red riding hood story". Your children won't be scared by the funny Mr. Wolf and you'll certainly giggle at the weird hobbies of the old granny ;) I'll be waiting new titles with impatience.

★★★★★ - This beautifully told story of an old classic is perfectly enhanced by stunning art work. The retelling is engaging and the twist at the end makes for a great and satisfying ending for young and old. A beautiful app for children and adults to enjoy.

★★★★★ - I was a bit nervous about this app, but I'm so glad I got it. Both my 4YO and 1YO boys love it. The art is great and story is full of wit. Look forward to more!

Illustrations that shine!

Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes features amazing hand painted illustrations by award winning artist Lucia Masciullo. We made sure every paint brush was transposed flawlessly from the canvas to your device' s screens.

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Universal Design

Mr Wolf has been created so that you can enjoy it to the full independently from the device you have. On iPad our App will look like a traditional illustrated children's book while on the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod touch, subtle zooming and panning effects will highlight graphic details and keep the narration engaging. And the best thing is you only need to buy our App once!

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Choose among seven written languages, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese traditional and Chinese simplified. Switch language on the fly and our excellent voice over artists will read the story for your child. Their beautiful performances will always be only a tap away.

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Interface to touch

We have created an interface that is as much beautiful as it is discrete. It doesn't get in the way of enjoying our stories and enhances the App experience because it is a breeze to navigate. It's colorful and bold just like children love and gets them quickly and responsively around in a few taps.

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